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CAS : 518-34-3
Molecular Formula : C38H42N2O6
Formula Weight : 622.75g/mol
Description :  
The effects of tetrandrine, a blocker of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels, on ionic currents were investigated in an endothelial cell line (HUV-EC-C) originally derived from human umbilical vein. In whole-cell configuration, tetrandrine (0.5–50 μM) reversibly decreased the amplitude of K+ outward currents. The IC50 value of tetrandrine-induced decrease in outward current was 5 μM. The K+ outward current in response to depolarizing voltage pulses was also inhibited by iberiotoxin (200 nM), yet not by glibenclamide (10 μM) or apamin (200 nM). The reduced amplitude of outward current by tetrandrine can be reversed by the further addition of Evans' blue (30 μM) or niflumic acid (30 μM).

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