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Tanshinone IIA

Tanshinone IIA

CAS : 568-72-9
Molecular Formula : C19H18O3
Formula Weight : 294.34g/mol
Description : 
Tanshinone IIA is the most abundant diterpene quinone in Danshen, Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix, a widely prescribed traditional herbal medicine that is used to treat cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Recently, tanshinone IIA was demonstrated to induce cell death and apoptosis in a variety of tumors. However, the effect of tanshinone IIA on human colon cancer cells is not clearly understood yet. In this study, the antigrowth and apoptosis-eliciting effects of tanshinone IIA, as well as its cellular mechanisms of actions, were investigated in Colo-205 human colon cancer cells. Tanshinone IIA reduced cell growth in a concentration-dependent manner, inducing apoptosis accompanied by an increase in TUNEL staining and by an increased percentage of cells in the sub-G1 fraction.

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