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(±)-Propylene oxide

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(±)-Propylene oxide


Product name :  (±)-Propylene oxide

CAS : 75-56-9 

Molecular Formula : C3H6O

Formula Weight : 58.08

Description : 
Propylene oxide is an organic compound with the molecular formula CH3CHCH2O. This colourless volatile liquid is produced on a large scale industrially, its major application being its use for the production of polyether polyols for use in making polyurethane plastics. It is chiral epoxide, although it commonly used as a racemic mixture. It is chiral epoxide, although it commonly used as a racemic mixture.Industrial production of propylene oxide starts from propylene. Propylene oxide was once used as a racing fuel, but that usage is now prohibited under the US NHRA rules for safety reasons. It is also used in thermobaric weapons, and microbial fumigation.

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