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Methyl Linolenate Description

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2017-7-16 20:6:4


CAS : 301-00-8
Molecular Formula : C19H32O2
Formula Weight : 292.46
Chemical Properties :clear colorless liquid 
bp:  182 °C3 mm Hg
density : 0.895 g/mL at 25 °C 
Fp : 113 °C 
storage temp:  2-8°C
Methyl linolenate, a polyunsaturated fattly acerbic (PUFA), is acclimated in studies on the mechanisms and blockage of oxidation/peroxidation of unsaturated blubbery acids. Methyl linolenate is getting advised as a accessible derma whitening abettor with anti-melanogenesis activity.
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