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What is Meleumycin?

Meleumycin is a 16-member macrolide antibiotic. A multicenter bifold dark randomized controlled analytic balloon was conducted for appraise the ability and assurance of meleumycin compared with midecamycin in the analysis of absolute 101 cases of bacterial infections including respiratory amplitude infections and derma and bendable tissue infections. The advised compounds were apparent on their bales with 'A' or 'B', 51 cases were advised with A and 50 cases with B. The circadian dosage was 200~400 mg q8h orally for 7~14 days. Results showed the all-embracing analytic ability amount of two groups were 80.4% and 82.0% respectively. The bacterial approval amount both were 83.3%. The accident of adverse biologic reactions of the two groups were 7.84% and 6.00% respectively, all the reactions were mild. There were no statistical aberration of analytic efficacy, bacterial approval and adverse biologic reactions amid two groups.