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Common Goldenrod Herb P.E

Common Goldenrod Herb P.E

Plant Part Used: Aerial parts of Herba Solidaginis
Extract Ratio: 5:1
Medicinal Uses and Indications: The ability of goldenrod to flush water from the body, combined with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial (ability to fight infection) properties, it is used by herbalists for a wide range of health problems including: 
Aromatic, stimulant, carminative. Golden Rod is an ingredient in the Swiss Vulnerary, faltrank. It is astringent and diuretic and efficacious for stone in the bladder. It is recorded that in 1788 a boy of ten, after taking the infusion for some months, passed quantities of gravel, fifteen large stones weighing up to 1 1/4 OZ., and fifty over the size of a pea. It allays sickness due to weak digestion. 
Anti-infection,Anti-inflammatory,an agent to ease inflammation:good and effective to prevent and treat Arthritis,Allergies,Colds and flu,Inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract,Kidney stones,Laryngitis,Sore throats,Used in urino-genital inflammations or to treat chronic skin problems. 
The Commission E approved goldenrod herb as irrigation therapy for inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract, urinary calculi and kidney gravel, and as prophylaxis for urinary calculi and kidney gravel. 
Antiseptic,an agent for inhibiting the growth of microorganism on living tissue or destroying pathogenic or putrefactive bacteria;

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