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Sodium new houttuyfonate

Sodium new houttuyfonate

CAS : 1847-58-1
Molecular Formula : C14H27NaO5S
Formula Weight : 330.41  
Description :
The common medicine to cure colpitis, pelvic imflammatory disease and chronic cervicitis are synthetic antibiotics, and are easy to produce drug tolerance if used for long. But Sodium New Houttuyfonate is natrual medicine extracted from herba houttuyniae, with high broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. It is the substiture of sodium houttuyfonate, and has special curative effect on the above gynecological Inflammation.  This product is white or white needle-like or scale-like crystal or crystalline powder; have micro-smelly, water fish have a special smell. 
Synonyms: houttuynium sodium bisulfite;Sodium houttufonate
Melting point : 164 ~ 167 ℃ 
Content: calculated by the dry goods, including C12H23NaO5S not less than 97.0%

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