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Rhizoma typhonii Extract

Rhizoma typhonii Extract

Action: To dispel wind-phlegm. to check convulsions, and to counteract toxicity, promote subsidence of nodulation and relieve pain.
Indications: Stroke with gurgling in the throat, drviation of the eye and the mouth, and impairment of speech; upward invasion of phlegm causting headache accompanied with dizziness, heaviness of the body, restlessness, fidgetness, nausea and cold extremities, or migraine; sore throat; tetanus; external use for scrofula, venomous snakebite.
Usage: Usually used after processed, for external use, appropriate quantity of the unprocessed tuber to be pounded into paste, stewed into soft extract or ground into powder (mixed with wine), and applied topically.
Precaution: Be cautions when the unprocessed ruber is taken orally, Used with caution in pregnancy.

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