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Ramulus Cinnamomi Extract

Ramulus Cinnamomi Extract

Form: Powder
Cinnamomum cassia Presl:5:1
Effects: Inducing sweets to dispel exopathogens, warming the channels to clear obstruction and reinforcing Yang to promote Qi flow.
1. To treat exterior syndromes of deficiency type with symptoms of wind-cold, perspiration, aversion to wind, floating and slow pulse, the herb is used in combination with white peony root, such as Guizhi Decoction to regulate Ying and Wei, inducing sweats and expelling pathogenic factors from muscles and skin. To treat exterior syndromes of excess type with symptoms of wind-cold, aversion to cold, anhidrosis and floating and tense pulse, such as in Ephedra Decoction the herb can help ephedra induce sweats and dispel exopathogenic.
2.  The herb is often used in combination with notopterygium root, ledebouriella root and other herbs for dispelling wind, dampness, cold and alleviating pain, to treat arthralgia and pain in the limbs due to wind-cold; with evodia fruit, chuanxiong rhizome, Chinese angelica root and other herbs.
3. It is used in combination with malt extract, such as Xiao Jianzhong Decoction, for warming the middle-jiao, restoring Qi, dispersing cold and alleviating pain, to treat cold of deficiency type in the middle Jiao, cold pain in the stomach and abdomen, anorexia and loose bowel; with white atractylodes rhizome and poria for warming Yang, promoting Qi flow, strengthening the spleen and removing fluid retention, to treat deficiency of the spleen-Yang, phlegm retention, dizziness and palpitation; and with umbellate pore fungus, poria, white atractylodes rhizome for reinforcing Yang, promoting Qi flow, inducing diuresis and removing edema, such as Wuling Powder, to treat deficiency of Yang, disturbance in Qi transformation, water retention, edema and difficulty in urination

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