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Peanut skin Extract

Peanut skin Extract

Description: This product has anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogens, and promote blood circulation and other functions. Peanut skin extract (proanthocyanidins) are extracted from red peanut of a new type of highly active anti-oxidants, are so far found the most effective free radical scavenger, one with very strong activity in vivo, and rapidly absorbed completely . At present, peanut skin extract mainly the scope of application: as a health food made from raw materials of various formulations exert direct health-care functions; add cosmetics to enhance skin elasticity, prevent skin aging; because of high quality hydrous alcohol at one of good solubility, coupled with bright colors, a significant effect, has been widely added to soft drinks and wine; as a strong natural antioxidant functional ingredients, in developed countries be added to a variety of common foods such as cakes, cheese, namely, as a nutrition enhancer, has as a natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants to antioxidants. Can be used in existing Cosmetology
1.proanthocyanidins 95% 98% 
2.polyhenol 85% 90% 95%

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