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Lignum Sappan Extract

Lignum Sappan Extract

Function and indications
Promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis, subdue swelling and analgesic therapy. Indicated for woman amenorrhea due to stagnation of blood, dysmenorrhea, blood stasis and pain in the chest or abdomen after childbirth, dizziness after childbirth, carbuncle, traumatic injury, tetanus.
Pharmacological action
1. Action on circulatory system.
For mesentery microcirculation disorder of the mice caused by adrenalin, sumu decoctum can promote arteriole flow and vessel recovery, but sumu belongs to the secondary drug for removing stasis to promote blood circulation among the tested 20 kinds of drugs.
2. Action on blood.
For blood stasis of experimental rabbits caused by injecting high polymer dextran, sumu injection can distinctly lower blood viscosity in tube, but this function is relatively weak among the tested 20 kinds of drugs for this purpose. Sumu has no obvious influence on erythrocyte index. 
3. Anti-tumor.

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