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Fructus Mume Extract

Fructus Mume Extract

Extract Solvent:Water  or  Ethyl alcohol
Appearance and Color:Brown  yellow  Powder
Test Method:TLC  
Specification:  5:1,10:1,20:1        
1. To astringe the lungs and stop cough; 
2. To restrain the intestines and stop diarrhea; 
3. To promote the production of body fluids; 
4. To expel roundworms
Indications & Combinations:
1. Chronic cough due to deficiency of the lungs. Black plum (Wumei) is used with Poppy capsule (Yingsuqiao), Donkey hide gelatin (Ejiao) and Apricot seed (Xingren). 
2. Chronic diarrhea or dysentery. Black plum (Wumei) is used with Nutmeg (Roudoukou), Chebula fruit (Hezi) and Poppy capsule (Yingsuqiao). 
3. Acute dysentery. Black plum (Wumei) is used with Coptis root (Huanglian). 
4. Diabetes. Black plum (Wumei) is used with Trichosanthes root (Tianhuafen), Ophiopogon root (Maidong), Ginseng (Renshen) and Pueraria root (Gegen). 
5. Roundworms in the biliary tract manifested as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Black plum (Wumei) is used with Asarum herb (Xixin) and Coptis root (Huanglian) in the formula Wumei Wan.

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