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Epoxidized soya bean oil

Epoxidized soya bean oil

CAS : 8013-07-8
Molecular Formula : C57H106O10
Formula Weight : 1000
Description : 
At normal temperature, the product is light yellow thick oily liquid. It will be solidified when temperature is under 5 Degree Celsius, boiling point: 150 Degree Celsius (0.5Kpa), ignition point: 310 Degree Celsius, viscosity 325mPa. S(25 Degree Celsius), refractive index1.472(25 Degree Celsius), water solubility 0.01% max(25 Degree Celsius), solubility of water in this product: 0.55% (25 Degree Celsius), soluble in hydrocarbon, ketone, esters, higher alcohols, slightly soluble in ethanol It's the most widely-used epoxide plasticizor and stabilizing agent of polyvinyl chloride. It has good compatibility with PVC resin. It has low volatility and little mobility. And it won't react in heat or light. It's water-proof and oil-proof. Using it can make the products have good mechanical strength, resistance to elements and electrical property.

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