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Cichorium intybus Extract

Cichorium intybus Extract

Description: The content of flavonoids, apigenin, quercetin and luteonin in the extract from Cichorium intybus widen even the smallest capillary vessels, contribute for increasing the oxygen levels in the blood, stimulate the metabolism and influence positively the enzymes which are involved in the transformation of the toxic chemical substancies.
The extract includes combination of coumarine derivatives and flavonoids, thus an active complex is formed which influences positively the gall-kidney and liver functions and helps the release of the gall acids and the toxins. Except preventing from the influence of the toxic substancies on the liver and from gall-kidney problems, the active complex reduces the glutathione levels and shows cardio-protective effect. That allows the product to be used in cases of kidney, gall and liver problems in people with cardio vascular damages.
The extract from Cichorium intybus is recommended in cases of physical, medicinal or viral damage of the liver, problems with the spleen, kidney inflammations and disorders in the gall and liver. It is very suitable product during and after hepatitis conditions, and prophylactic in cases of contacts with people infected with hepatitis.
It protects the liver from harms, improves the activity of the cardio-vascular system, inhibit the development of microbes and normalize the functions of the gall and the liver.

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