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Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract

Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract

Description: Apricot fruits are nutritious cleansing and mildly laxative. They are a valuable addition to the diet working gently to improve overall health. The seed is eaten raw or cooked. Bitter seeds should be eaten in strict moderation because they contain hydrogen cyanide. The bitter seeds can be used as a substitute for bitter almonds in making marzipan etc. The bark is astringent. The inner bark and/or the root are used for treating poisoning caused by eating bitter almond and apricot seeds (which contain hydrogen cyanide). Another report says that a decoction of the outer bark is used to neutralize the effects of hydrogen cyanide. The decoction is also used to soothe inflamed and irritated skin conditions. The seed is analgesic anthelmintic antiasthmatic antispasmodic antitussive demulcent emollient expectorant pectoral sedative and vulnerary. It is used in the treatment of asthma coughs acute or chronic bronchitis and constipation.

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