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Our passion for quality and attention to details is evident in the time.The manufacturing and quality are licensed and supervised by Bolise. Bolise Co., Ltd. is biotech laboratories founded in Switzerland and China in 2001. We focus on research and development of innovative standard substance......   >>>Read More

2012 The top 10 countries of purchase amount in the first quarter:
 United state ($6980000) |   United kingdom ($5530000) |   Germany ($7850000) |   France ($7330000) |   Mexico ($6550000) |   Malaysia ($5890000) |   New Zealand ($5430000) |   Australian ($5210000) |   South Korea ($4300000) |   Singapore ($3890000) | 

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Cortex Meliae P.E. Cortex Meliae P.E.

Product name: Cortex Meliae P.E. Description: Indi...

Posted at: 2016-10-17
Turpinia arguta Seem L... Turpinia arguta Seem Leaf  Extract

Product name: Turpinia arguta Seem Leaf Extrac...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Wild Chinese flowering... Wild Chinese flowering quince  Extract

Product name: Wild Chinese flowering quince Ex...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Microcos paniculata Li... Microcos paniculata Linn

Product name: Microcos paniculata Linn Latin...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Caulis hedyotidis Extr... Caulis hedyotidis Extract

Product name: Caulis hedyotidis Extract Descr...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Herba Boehmeriae Plata... Herba Boehmeriae Platanifoliae  Extract

Product name: Herba Boehmeriae Platanifoliae E...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Operculate Cleistocaly... Operculate Cleistocalyx  Flower Extract

Product name: Operculate Cleistocalyx Flower E...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Artificial bezoar Ext... Artificial bezoar  Extract

Product name: Artificial bezoar Extract Descr...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Kadsura Root-bark Ext... Kadsura Root-bark  Extract

Product name: Kadsura Root-bark Extract Descr...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
Croton Extract Croton Extract

Product name: Croton Extract Description: The root ex...

Posted at: 2010-06-27
O3-Monoacetylmorphine ... O3-Monoacetylmorphine Sulfamate

Product name : O3-Monoacetylmorphine Sulfamate...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
γ-Aminobutyric Acid γ-Aminobutyric Acid

Product name : -Aminobutyric Acid CAS : 56-12-2...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
L-Glutamine L-Glutamine

Product name : L-Glutamine CAS : 56-85-9 Molecular Formu...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
Succinylated Gelatin Succinylated Gelatin

Product name : Succinylated Gelatin CAS : 39340...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
Dideoxyinosine Dideoxyinosine

Product name : Dideoxyinosine CAS : 69655-05-6 Molecu...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
L-Histidine hydrochlor... L-Histidine hydrochloride

Product name : L-Histidine hydrochloride CAS ...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
Polystictus Glycopepti... Polystictus Glycopeptide

Product name : Polystictus Glycopeptide Descr...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
L-Aspartic acid L-Aspartic acid

Product name : L-Aspartic acid CAS : 6899-03-2 Molec...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
Serine Serine

Product name : Serine CAS : 302-84-1 Molecular Formula : C 3 ...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
Leucine Leucine

Product name : Leucine CAS : 3588-60-1 Molecular Formula : C...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
Tryptophan Tryptophan

Product name : Tryptophan CAS : 5241-64-5 Molecular Formu...

Posted at: 2010-06-26
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